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Chicago Orange Fund expanded to assist Windy City students with unforeseen expenses

Syracuse University has always stretched to make college education accessible, affordable, and attainable for students and their families. In fact, between 2005 and 2012, SU-funded aid for full-time undergraduate students increased by 87% to more than $205 million. But students are often faced with unforeseen expenses that fall outside of their aid packages, like the costs of computers, dorm furnishings, and trips home.

Chicago Orange FundNow, SU alumni and friends in Chicago can directly impact the University’s ability to help students from the Windy City who are faced with these challenges.

The Chicago Regional Council, with leadership from SU Trustee and Chicago Regional Council member David Edelstein ’78, has added a new student support element to the Chicago Orange Fund. The fund will now provide assistance to talented local students with demonstrated needs that fall outside of standard financial aid offerings.

“Syracuse University provides robust financial aid packages, but they’re generally limited to tuition, room and board, and other standard costs of attendance. Students are often confronted with additional expenses that can be taken for granted,” says Don Saleh, vice president of enrollment management, who has seen many promising SU students struggle with special circumstances and making ends meet. As just one example, Saleh learned of a student who had nothing more than a blanket on his bed. Using what limited discretionary funds were available to him, Saleh was able to purchase a full set of bedding, ensuring that the student had a warm place to sleep.

David Wishart, director of advancement for the Chicago region, sees the expanded fund as an important safety net for local students. “This new element of the Chicago Orange Fund is an excellent way for SU’s Chicago alumni and friends to have an immediate impact with their giving, by helping students from the area handle unforeseen expenses so they can focus on their studies.”

The Chicago Orange Fund was originally established to build support for alumni programming and other SU initiatives based in the Windy City. Expanding its purpose is yet another avenue for making a college education more affordable. “While alumni and friends can still choose to support other purposes of the Chicago Orange Fund, the Regional Council considers this new student support element a top priority,” Edelstein says. “We want our students to know they have a strong SU network not just on campus, but at home in Chicago as well.”

To learn more about the Chicago Orange Fund and how you can support SU students from the Chicago area, visit or contact David Wishart at 315.443.2766 or When making a gift online, allocate your gift to the student support portion of the Chicago Orange Fund by selecting “Chicago Orange Fund” from the gift designation drop-down menu, and include the words “Student Support” in the “Other” box.