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Meet the new alumni club leaders

New Club Leaders

It’s an exciting time for Syracuse’s Alumni Club of Chicago, with two new club leaders. Shana Segbers ’12, G’13 and Amy Peters ’05 took the reins as president and vice president in July, and they’re thrilled to be representing Orange in the Windy City! Learn about them and their plans for the alumni club:

Why did you choose to attend Syracuse University?

Shana: The summer before senior year of high school my family and I scheduled visits to three schools that all offered my desired program of study. The first school just didn’t feel right. Then I toured Syracuse. The campus was done up in orange and blue decorations, and everyone I met was incredibly passionate for all things Syracuse. We never went to the third school, because I knew right then that I was going to attend SU!

Amy: Syracuse was the last college campus I toured as a high school senior, and almost immediately I knew it was the place for me. The day was grey and rainy too, so it must have been true love!

What are some of your more memorable SU experiences?

Shana: The year I spent on the Mascot Team being Otto the Orange was a life-changing experience. “Otto” taught me how to work as an individual who relies on a team. I learned to be loud, energetic, and expressive while remaining silent. Most of all, Otto reminded me how to have fun in the purest sense of the word. Nothing will ever compare to the rush of making a child or grandparent smile, controlling the emotions of a crowd of middle schoolers filling Hendricks Chapel, or enjoying the roar of the Dome when our teams were doing well.

Amy: As a graphic design major, I spent a lot of time with my classmates in the Newhouse One basement computer labs late at night. Those marathon work sessions were great for bonding, making lasting friendships, finding inspiration, and learning from each other.

What brought you to Chicago, and how did you become involved with the alumni club?

Shana: I moved to Chicago in 2014 and am currently an AP environmental science teacher at George Westinghouse College Prep, Chicago Public Schools. I started volunteering with the SU Alumni Club of Chicago a few months after moving here. One of my mascot teammates told me Otto would be visiting and watching a basketball game with the alumni club. I reached out to the club to help my teammate coordinate the appearance. During that event, I met wonderful people and was able to continue helping throughout the year.

Amy: My job as an art director brought me to Chicago in 2009, after working in Boston for a few years. Both are excellent cities! I got involved with the alumni club in 2012 out of a desire to meet more local SU fans and alumni, and to do something group-oriented in my free time.

Do you have any special plans in mind for the club?

Shana: Amy and I are very excited to start a relaxed, monthly happy hour networking event called Business & BBQ. This past spring, Syracuse’s very own Dinosaur BarBQue opened up here in Chicago! They’ve agreed to work with the club to host this monthly event, and I couldn’t be more thrilled—it’s a perfect reason to enjoy good friends and food on a monthly basis!

As club leaders, how would you like to make an impact with Syracuse alumni in Chicago?

Amy: Shana and I plan to keep our diversity of club events, including sports-watching, networking, museum visits, and theater outings, and we’d like to get the club more involved in local volunteer work. We’re encouraging Chicago alumni to get involved in planning a passion project with us. For example, if someone has strong ties in Chicago’s education community and wishes to help us organize a supply drive or student mentoring, we’d love to harness that enthusiasm and add the club’s support to it.