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Who got their start at SU?

More than 3,000 people in the Chicago area can say they got their start at Syracuse University. Armed with their degrees and shaped by their experiences on and off the SU campus, these individuals are making a difference and finding success in the Windy City and beyond. Meet Kathleen Bannan ’91, Suzanne Butler ’01, Autumn Figueroa ’04, G’06, Christopher Horvay ’73, Ryan Jean ’09, and Mark Verone ’95 and Rachelle Hardy ’95 by clicking on their names below!

Read about these other successful Chicago alums too: Kevin Bell ’74, Wally Bobkiewicz G’89, Renée Crown ’50, H’84, and Josephine Gomez ’90.

  • Doug Shabelman '92 photo

    Doug Shabelman '92

    Doug Shabelman '92, president of Burns Entertainment and Sports Marketing, knows that his support of  internships for current students and other initiatives is win-win for all.

  • Marissa Bailey G'06 photo

    Marissa Bailey G'06

    From Newhouse student to newscast anchor, Marissa Bailey G'06 has built a notable career from the foundation of her Syracuse experience.

  • Jim Olson '91 photo

    Jim Olson '91

    Jim Olson '91 has worked for top brands in dozens of countries, on six continents. But now this worldwide PR leader calls Chicago home. 

  • Ron Chin ’97 photo

    Ron Chin ’97

    Living in the Midwest wasn’t exactly in Ron Chin’s plans, but after working in New York City and London, he accepted an opportunity in Chicago. Happily settled in the Windy City, he now serves on the University's Regional Council.

  • Frank Mahoney ’05 photo

    Frank Mahoney ’05

    Native New Yorker Frank Mahoney ’05 lives and works in Chicago—and couldn’t be happier.

  • Eric Crites ’07 photo

    Eric Crites ’07

    Senior director of strategic partnerships and sales operation for Q-Centrix health care company, Eric Crites ’07 and his family now make their home in Chicago, where he's a new member of the Regional Council.

  • Brian K. Jones ’88 photo

    Brian K. Jones ’88

    With his sights set on a career in engineering, Jones found the engineering curriculum at Syracuse just what he was looking for. Now a member of the University's Regional Council in Chicago, he's working to promote SU in the area.

  • Kathleen Bannan ’91 photo

    Kathleen Bannan ’91

    Kathleen Bannan ’91 may have transferred to Syracuse University as a sophomore, but she still enjoyed a full college experience. “When I set foot on Syracuse’s campus, I knew I’d found a home, and I’m grateful for my time there and the opportunity to find myself,” she says.

  • Suzanne Butler G’01 photo

    Suzanne Butler G’01

    Suzanne Butler G’01 believes in maintaining connections—especially to Syracuse University. Butler, who served as president of the SU alumni club in Atlanta, has reprised that role now that she lives in Chicago. “My desire to play an active role in the local Chicago SU alumni club stems from wanting to bring together other people who also enjoyed their experience at SU,” she says.

  • Autumn Figueroa ’04, G’06 photo

    Autumn Figueroa ’04, G’06

    Autumn Figueroa ’04, G’06 knew from a young age that she wanted to be an educator. Coming from a family that included school superintendents, teachers, and supervisors of bilingual education, following in their footsteps was a logical career path for her. It has also opened the door to another of her life goals—to be a world traveler.

  • Patrick Fox ’90 photo

    Patrick Fox ’90

    A Winnetka, Illinois, resident and Chicago Regional Council member, Patrick Fox ’90 is executive vice president of JPMorgan Securities Public Finance Division. Fox’s dual Syracuse University degrees in marketing management and advertising have led to a successful 25-year career in the municipal bond industry—although it took some creative marketing on his own part to break into the business.

  • Christopher Horvay ’73 photo

    Christopher Horvay ’73

    As a Council at Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer LLP, Christopher J. Horvay ’73 is seasoned in the representation of senior creditors and asset-based lenders in complex litigation, workout, and bankruptcy matters across the country. He remains grateful for the foundation SU gave him. “I built lasting relationships and a definite broadening of my outlook on the world,” he says.

  • Ryan Jean ’09  photo

    Ryan Jean ’09

    Ryan Jean ’09 says many SU offerings influenced him as a young engineer, but networking, mentoring, and service programs through the Programs Rooted in Developing Excellence (PRIDE) office defined his four years on campus and set him up to succeed.

  • Oswaldo Ortega ’05 photo

    Oswaldo Ortega ’05

    Oswaldo Ortega ’05 got his first taste of architecture in a class at Brooklyn Technical High School. That experience propelled him to Syracuse University’s School of Architecture, where he earned his bachelor’s degree and took on leadership roles like founding the Society of Multicultural Architects and Designers and joining the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity.

  • Caleb Probst ’04 photo

    Caleb Probst ’04

    For Caleb Probst ’04, playing a variety of roles comes with the territory of being a professional actor. But many of these roles—educator, mentor, public speaker, and activist—extend well beyond his stage presence, and Syracuse University laid the foundation for a rewarding arts education career.

  • Mark Verone ’95 and Rachelle Hardy DDS ’95 photo

    Mark Verone ’95 and Rachelle Hardy DDS ’95

    For Mark Verone ’95 and Dr. Rachelle Hardy ’95 the connection of Syracuse University in Chicago holds special significance. After all, it’s how they met. And it laid the foundation for their marriage and family.