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Introducing Scott Faller and Kevin Young

Chicago Alumni club logoYour club presidents answer five questions.

Q1. How did SU help you with your career path?

Scott Faller

SU set the right foundation for both my career and personal accomplishments, and has given me lasting relationships with other students, professors, and University staff.  

After graduating in 2003, I started my career in the prestigious General Electric Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP). I landed this position after attending SU career fairs and then being interviewed on campus. This was an amazing way to start my career.

At GE, I was promoted to many different leadership positions and earned my MBA while working full time. I left GE in 2015, taking a promotion with a global law firm. After a fulfilling two years there, I have now transitioned into consulting for a Fortune Global 2000 enterprise software company, ServiceNow.

Kevin Young

After graduating from SU in 2011, I pursued my law degree at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Once I was admitted to the Illinois bar in 2015, I began working as an associate attorney at Stellato and Schwartz in Chicago. We are a litigation firm with an emphasis in insurance defense and coverage.

Going to SU fostered the curiosity I needed to advance and the work ethic to make that a reality.

Q2. As you look back on your life, what has your SU experience meant to you? What is your favorite memory?


SU taught me how to be independent, take initiative, and be open to new or different experiences.

My favorite memory was from senior year…I scraped together what I could to head down to New Orleans and see our basketball team win the national championship! I would never trade that moment for anything.


It is great to be part of the Orange family around the world. My favorite memory is of the Quad in fall, when the leaves were turning.

Q3. What successes in your life (personal/professional) do you attribute to SU?


SU helped me develop a strong work ethic through managing my on-campus job, academic responsibilities, and Greek life. Studying in London gave me an appreciation of world travel and different cultures. I recall my time on campus with fondness, and have given back in many ways over the years through financial gifts, recruitment of students for GE IMLP positions, and now as the SU Chicago Alumni Club co-president.


Being at SU was the first time I was able to grow as an individual, completely independently.

Q4. How did Syracuse University prepare you for life after college?


SU taught me that you must work hard for what you value in life, take risks, and be willing to count on and trust others to reach your goals.


Syracuse nurtured me into becoming passionate about my career, and fostered the skills to get me there.

Q5.  Why do you think it is important to help future students get their start at SU by making SU part of your philanthropic priorities?


Since I owe my success to SU, I firmly believe in paying it forward. I take pleasure in working with younger alumni, students, and prospective students. If you can help them grow or even help them to avoid the challenges I’ve faced, that is the best kind of gift!


It’s all about giving back, especially when SU did so much for me.